How To Keep Your House From Smelling Like Dog?

dog smell

Dogs smell like love and loyalty. Therefore, it is a boon to have a furry buddy in your life. However, with ample of benefits of having a furry companion, there are certain inconveniencies which pet parents need to pay a heed-bad odour is one of them.  Your poodle may be engaged in activities such as play, jump, sniff and explore the outdoors. Meanwhile, the creepy community of bacteria on your dog’s body can make them smell really bad. At times you might notice your friends have stopped coming over your house due to the unbearable smell. So, it’s high time to get rid of dog smell in your house. Therefore, here are some simple ways to keep your house smelling like dog.

Deodorize Carpet Naturally

Carpets in your home are the easiest access to the bacteria and other critters. A dirty carpet is a major source of the musty dog smell. Your dog might sometimes pee, spill water, drop the food on the carpet which may create a bad odour so, it is crucial for pet parents to clean the carpet. You can skip the toxic carpet deodorizers and use natural products such as baking soda. Its cleaning process is easy; all you need to do is sprinkle baking soda; let it sit overnight then vacuum it next day.

Vacuum All Furniture

Pet parents may love to snuggle with their pets on a chair or on the sofa. If your dog sleeps on the sofa or sits on the chair, dog hair is found everywhere. Therefore, one of the best ways to eliminate a dog odour is to thoroughly clean all the furniture at your home. Remove all the covers and wash them to kill bacteria. Vacuum the furniture on a weekly basis and don’t forget to clean under furniture too in order to avoid your home smell like dog.

Clean Your Home’s Hard Floors

Your pet roams everywhere in the home and spreads dirt and debris they carry. Hence, all you need to do is remove all of the loose debris your pet creates. Your dog might not only be carrying hair and the dirt when they track in but carry their dander too. You need to sweep gently so that you don’t just end up losing those particles in the air where they’ll spread to other areas in your home.

Wash Your Pet’s Bed

Your pet’s bed is a place where he might be spending most of the time lying or sitting. It is the smelliest thing in your entire home. Your furry buddy constantly stays coated with hair, dirt, saliva, urine and dander on the bed. So pet parents need to ensure washing their bed and run it through the washing machine once in a week. Keeping your pet’s bed clean will also keep it cleaner and smelling better.

Let In Some Fresh Air

A closed home can be a house for bad odour. Though it can be a bit tricky to let air in your home during winter or summer airing out your home will help to reduce pet-related odour. All you need to do is open every screened window in your home as well as any outdoors you can. Ensure to open the doors and windows, turn on the ceiling fans and let in some fresh air to get rid of bad odour.

Above all, don’t forget to groom your pet as an un-cleaned pet can be an epicentre of bad odour. Therefore, be punctilious when it comes to grooming your pet. Take in account to brush his teeth, bathe him, clean his paws and keep him fresh. You can also use a scented or odour-neutralizing spray to keep your home smelling fresh.