A Dog’s Bucket List: The Must-Haves

We humans have a bucket list where we jot down all the things we want to do and achieve in our lives. Just imagine having a bucket list for your furry canine? It sounds awesome, right? Well, you actually can have one, and we will help you in making a bucket list for your doggy.

Dog Bucket List

We have prepared a slideshow of all the things you can have in your dog bucket list. You are free to go through all of them and select the appropriate ones that you plan on implementing.

#1. Playing Fetch: Get hold of a Frisbee, tennis ball, or any other object that you deem suitable and safe. Then toss the object and allow your buddy to catch it. Keep playing as long as your furry buddy wants to.

#2. Teach a New Trick: Old dog or young, you can always teach them a new trick or two. Instead of spending most of his time sitting, why not indulge him in some activities that will hone his skills. There are so many tricks to choose from. Pick the one you want and teach it to your dog.

#3. Let’s Go Hiking: A hike helps in refreshing the mind, body, and soul. Taking your friendly four-legged friend with you can even double up the excitement. Hiking can also help your dog feel relaxed and refreshed.

#4. Lunch or Dinner Date: Feeding your pal the same thing day in and day out can get boring for him. Why not spice things up a little and go out on a lunch or dinner date with your munchkin. Look for restaurants that allow dogs, pick an appropriate one, and take your pal out to dine. Remember, you’re never late to take your pal out on a date!

#5. Organize a Dog Party: Be it your furry pal’s birthday or any other day, throwing a party for your bud is something you should do at least once. Make him feel special by organizing a dog party which can include a dog cake, dog treats, party hats, and of course, his friends (neighborhood doggies).

#6. Dog Spa Day: We all love some extra pampering and care, even dogs too. Having a spa day for your buddy is the best way to pamper him. Book an appointment with any dog spa, preferably a one in the vicinity.

#7. Eat. Sleep. Repeat: If dogs had the luxury to create their own bucket list, we’re sure they would have eating and sleeping at the top of their list. And that’s pretty obvious because apart from loving you, they love their food and sleep too.

There are plenty more bucket list things every dog would love want to tick off, but these ones are the must-haves. So make sure you add them to your dog’s bucket list and fulfill all of them for your buddy. He will surely appreciate it!