How to Address Flea Infestation in Pets?

A flea-infested pet can be seen scratching on their bodies mindlessly.What is more worse that if the same pet is not treated on time, will then develop allergy and skin problems such as flea allergy dermatitis.

Therefore, the only solution to keep this menace at bay from your pet’s life is to adopt measures, which disrupts and checks flea life cycle present in your furry pal’s environment and to use flea preventives such as Frontline Plus to treat and prevent flea infestation in dog or cat.

How To Check Fleas Present In The Home Environment?

This is the most basic question, which a pet parent would come across while dealing with these nasty parasites. The fact is that out of 100 only 5% fleas are present on your pet’s skin while the rest 95% are present in your home environment. Thus, your home can be a safe haven for these fleas to continue their life cycle starting from egg, larva, pupa and adult. This smooth continuation of flea life cycle will reinfest your pet with adult fleas even after treating him with flea control products. Therefore, to get rid of this flea problem you need to ensure your home environment is flea free.

  • Vacuum your house thoroughly once in a week
  • Clean your entire pet’s stuff with hot water
  • Wash carpets, furniture and pet bedding effectively
  • Use insecticides to treat fleas present in the yard and outdoor area
  • Take professional help once in a month to vacuum your house

Treating Flea Infested Pet

The only effective way to get rid of the existing fleas present on your pet is to use flea control products. These products come in both oral and topical forms and carry the potential to eliminate fleas living on the pet in a short span of time after first application.

Some products are popular pet care products and have found acceptance among huge populace of pet parents to relieve their pet from fleas. Therefore, to treat and prevent further flea infestation in pet, you must use products like Frontline Plus, Advantage and Activyl in your flea control program. However, do check to buy product, which is only meant for cat or dog.

Besides, groom your pet regularly. Use flea comb to track presence of fleas on your pet and visit vet to stay updated on your pet’s health.

In a Nutshell

The problem of fleas aggravates in summer time. Thus, be more cautious in summers and put your pet under the protection of flea preventives even in winters. A holistic approach of taking note of the fleas present in your home and eliminating the ones present on your pet body will certainly bring you success against this flea problem.

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