How Does Topical Flea Treatments Work On Your Pets?

How Does Topical Flea Treatments Work On Your Pets?

When it comes to flea and tick preventatives, there are plenty of choices. From oral treatments to topical, you have an option to pick the treatment as per your pet’s requirement. These different forms of treatments work in different ways. The oral tablets work from the inside of the body and keep the pets safe from parasites. On other hand, the topical treatment wards off fleas and ticks on contact.

Topical treatments are to be applied on one spot of your pet’s body which then reaches the main spots where fleas and ticks are to be found. The topical treatment fleas and ticks on contact, thus doesn’t even give these parasites a chance to bite your furry companion.

How Flea & Tick Topical Treatments Work on Your Pet’s Body

  • A topical spot on is to be applied by parting the fur of the dog and applying the topical between the shoulder blades.
  • The solution slowly spreads over the body of the dog, thus keeps him protected from the parasites.
  • These topical solutions kill fleas on contact so it doesn’t even need to bite your pet.
  • The active ingredients are released from the topical solution and seeps into the bloodstream of the pet. This not only eradicates the parasites but also prevents future infestation.
  • Generally, a flea and tick topical treatment stays effective for one month.
  • These topical treatments are very easy to administer in comparison to oral treatments. There is no fuss of making your dog eat the tablet; you just have to apply it on his body and your work is done!

Topical treatments are highly recommended by veterinarians as they start working quickly and are very effective in curbing down and eventually eliminating flea and tick infestation. Some of the most recommended topical flea and tick treatments are – Activyl Spot-On for dogs, Frontline Plus for dogs and Effipro Duo Spot-On for dogs. These treatments are very effective in keeping the pet safe from these pesky parasites.

Therefore, as a pet parent, it must be your utmost priority to keep those fleas and ticks away from your furry pal. So, administer any of these topical treatments and say bye to parasites for lifetime!