Homeopathic treatments for dogs that will shock you.

Oral and topical treatments are good, but so are homeopathic treatments. In fact, homeopathic products are much safer as they do not contain chemicals and the risks of side effects are nullified. Nowadays, many pet parents are opting for homeopathic products especially those parents whose fur babies have a long history with seizures, allergies, etc.

Speaking of homeopathic treatments, here are some homeopathic remedies that can help dog parents in effectively treating their canine buddies from various conditions.

Homeopathic Remedies to Treat Dogs

We have jotted down the common homeopathic remedies that help in treating dogs from numerous issues. Take a look!

Apis Mellifica

It is a top homeopathic remedy for treating bites, stings, swellings, sore throats, allergies and Urticaria in pets including dogs. A few doses of the Apis Mellifica solution with 30-odd minutes gaps in between will help in gradually decreasing the pain in your furry pal.


Also known as Leopard’s Bane, Arnica is a commonly used homeopathic solution by both humans and pets. Arnica puts a stop to bleeding, reduces pain (soreness, musculoskeletal injuries, etc) and shock effects and at the same time encourages healing.

Arsenicum Album

This solution is extremely good for gastrointestinal upsets that is inhibited due to consuming spoilt food. It also helps in reducing vomiting and diarrhea. Furthermore, it is a top remedy for anxiety and restlessness, especially when dogs pace around at night.


Pets that fear thunderstorms and fireworks should be given Borax (the remedy and not the powder). This will help them overcome their fears, slowly and gradually. During such seasons, you give this formula to your pal for at least twice a day for one whole month.


More commonly known as White Bryony, this homeopathic formula treats joint pain including arthritis as well as chest pain. It is also very helpful in treating dry coughs and helps in overcoming constipation.


It contains remarkable healing agents which aid in treating skin infections or any kind of external infections. Calendula is good for cuts and wounds as well. It is so good that it can flush any kind of wound or cut with it.


This is a well-known remedy for issues like straining to urinate, frequent urination as well as blood in urination. These can be cured with Cantharis (also known as Spanish fly). It can heal scalds and burns as well.


Problems related to the eyes can predominantly be cured by Euphrasia. Cases of conjunctivitis in dogs where the eyes discharge yellowish substances can be treated by opting for the Euphrasia solution.


To prevent plaque build-up as well as dissolve dental plaque from the teeth, Fragaria can be used. This homeopathic solution for dogs does really well in maintaining thorough dental health.

Hepar Sulph

Infections and wounds that exhibit discharge of pus, respond reasonably well to Hepar Sulph or Calcium Sulphide. This quality solution is extremely good for skin and eye infections as well.


Pain due to nerve damage or injuries to nerve-rich places can be healed effectively by opting for Hypericum. It is also excellent when you happen to cut your buddy’s nail too short.


For anal sac infections and chronic anal sac issues, Myristica, a well-renowned formula is the perfect homeopathic solution to treat such problems in pets including dogs and puppies.

Nux Vomica

This homeopathic formula has multiple uses. Its main use is to prevent constipated dogs from straining and also aids them to have a solid motion. Nux Vomica is also good for digestion, liver problems and lower back pain. Furthermore, it can be used to control vomiting that occurs due to overeating, change in diet, etc.


It is an extremely common homeopathic solution and it boasts of numerous uses. Phosphorus helps in preventing vomiting, liver remedy and arrests bleeding or hemorrhage. In addition, it is useful in dealing with thunder fears, sudden noises (fireworks), dry cough as well as help in overpowering nerve weakness.

Rhus Tox

Like Phosphorus, Rhus Tox has multiple uses as well. Apart from healing arthritis, it is also effective in treating general musculoskeletal injuries, swollen eyes, skin problems (like itching), and infections. Due to its exceptional results, it is one of the most prescribed remedy (for dogs) in the world.


A well-renowned homeopathic treatment, Silica helps in pushing foreign materials like splinters out of the skin. It also helps to resolve abscesses as well as heal discharging sinuses or fistulae. Chronic Catarrh and Sinusitis respond well to this (silica) formula and is safe to use for puppies and dogs.


Another multi-treating solution is what Sulphur is. Sulphur (the element) is best known for treating and curing skin problems. The solution also helps with Flea Allergy Dermatitis, itching, nibbling, and scratching as well. Moreover, scabs, dandruff, sores and smelly greasy skin are cured with Sulphur too.


Also known as Comfrey, this homeopathic treatment helps in speeding up the healing process of fractures and makes sure it heals well. Symphytum is also extremely helpful with cartilage, joint, ligament and tendon injuries. More often than not, Symphytum is used alongside other solutions.

Homeopathic treatments are always the safer bet, but this does not mean that oral and topical solutions should be neglected. At CanadaVetCare, we offer a variety of homeopathic products such as Travel Anxiety, Anxiety TFLN, Skin and Itch Relief, HP Healing Cream and a few more other homeopathic supplies. Furthermore, depending on the problem your Fido is facing and also through consultation with your veterinarian should you opt for the desired option. Whatever may be your choice, ensure it is the correct one. So, choose wisely!

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