Here is what I did last week that seemed to work well with my cat…

giving flea pills to cats

Last week we received a story of a customer who was completely exhausted and disappointed after making several attempts to administer flea tablets to her cat. It was very thoughtful of her that she shared her experience and also gave some valuable information on how to successfully administer flea pills to cats. We would definitely like other customers to read through and gain insight.

 Here is an excerpt of her story –

Hello I am Jane, I wanted to share this information with people who make failed attempts to administer tablets to their cats and end up messing up the whole thing. Well, even I went through the same thing. I have a dog and a cat. Though my dog has no issues when I treat him with tablets, my cat is a hard nut to crack. I tried 3-4 ways to give pills to my kitty Lona, but every time she either left the meal as it is or ate the rest of it and left the pills behind.

After thoroughly searching on the net and consulting a vet, I tried mixing her tablets with meatballs but each time I did that, she spat the tablet out and ate the rest of it. This spoiled the pills. I also attempted to directly put it in her mouth but again, met with disappointment. The moment she chewed the capsule, she vomited it out. Now that I was already disheartened that the flea numbers were increasing and I wasn’t able to do anything, I tried switching to another flea treatment. But sadly, the product didn’t work that effectively as I would have liked. I wanted instant results like how Capstar does. So, I searched hard and finally chanced upon this product, which is very effective in administering the pills. And, there were certain instructions that really helped me prevent the nicks that my cat gave when I used to administer the treatment.”

After reading her story, we tried contacting her through mails to gain more insight into how she got successful in doing so. Here is what she told us –

I got many cuts while putting the pills in my cat’s mouth, so first of all what I looked out for was the proper way to hold her mouth and then put the pill inside successfully. After reading a couple of informative blogs on the net, I finally tried this method.

  1. Use your left hand to hold the kitty’s head from the top. Now tilt her head slightly back so she opens her lower jaw.
  2. Hold the pill in your right hand with the help of your thumb and index finger. Keep the jaw open with the help of another finger. Do not place your finger on the fangs, but on the small incisors.
  3. Drop the pill as far as possible and then blow on her nose. This will encourage the cat to swallow the tablet easily.
  4. If you are using a pilling device, hold it between your thumb and middle finger and use the index finger to push the trigger. You can change the fingers as per your comfort, but make sure whatever way you use the tablet; it should be administered at the farthest end of the base of your cat’s tongue.
  5. Immediately close her mouth after giving the pill.

For me, I want to treat my cat with Capstar because it is very quick and removes the infestation within half an hour, but there are certainly other options like liquid suspensions and topical flea treatments. It will all depend on your requirements and preference.”