Heartgard Plus vs Advantage Multi

Heartgard Plus and Advantage Multi Comparison

Without a doubt, we all love our four-foot companions, and do every bit to ensure they remain happy and healthy all the time. In order to achieve the health goals of our loved animals, it is vital that we provide them with adequate parasite protections that keep them safe from parasites.

Fleas, heartworms, and intestinal worms are some of the common parasites that should be kept away from our pets at all costs. This can be achieved by providing them with the right kind of anti-parasitcs.

Advantage Multi and Heargard Plus are a couple of popular antiparasitics that aid in the treatment and prevention of a variety of pests. Both these products come from different manufacturers, are composed with different ingredients and offer protection against different parasites.                      

This blog further provides a thorough comparison of these two in-demand products. Read the article to explore more about them:

About Heartgard Plus & Advantage Multi 

Heartgard Plus
  • A palatable chewable for 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs offering protection against internal parasites.
  • This monthly chewable formula eliminates the tissue stage of heartworm larvae and thus prevents heartworm disease.
  • It also treats and controls gastrointestinal worm infections caused by roundworms and hookworms for a complete month.
Advantage Multi for dogs
  • A topical multi-parasitic treatment for 7 weeks and older puppies and dogs.
  • This monthly spot-on treatment provides protection against a variety of external and internal parasites.
  • It prevents heartworms, kills adult fleas and it is indicated for the treatment of flea infestations.
  • Plus, it also treats and controls infections caused by sarcoptic mange, and intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

Dissimilarities Between Heartgard Plus & Advantage Multi


Advantage multi for dogs is composed of two active ingredients, imidacloprid, and moxidectin. Imidacloprid gets spread over dog’s skin quickly and kills fleas as soon as they come in contact with the treated skin; hence your canine won’t have to take a bite to kill the insects. Moxidectin gets absorbed through the skin and bloodstream to prevent heartworm infection as well as treat intestinal worms, and sarcoptic mange infections.

Heartgard Plus contains ivermectin and pyrantel as active ingredients. Ivermectin prevents heartworm disease by killing tissue stages of heartworm larvae, whereas pyrantel treats and controls intestinal worm infections caused by roundworms and hookworms for 30 days.

Mode of Administration

Advantage Multi for dogs is a topical treatment that needs to be applied on the dog’s skin once a month. On the other hand, Heartgard Plus is a monthly chewable that should be given orally for chewing. Alternatively, this chewable can also be added to a small amount of pet food.

Offered Protection

Heartgard Plus for dogs prevents heartworm disease. This chewable treatment also treats and controls intestinal worms including roundworms and hookworms.

Advantage Multi kills adult fleas and treats flea infestations. Plus, this topical formula prevents heartworm infection, treats and controls sarcoptic mange and intestinal worms, including roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.

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Similarities Between Heartgard Plus & Advantage Multi 

  • Both Heartgard Plus & Advantage Multi are broad-spectrum treatments offering protection against a variety of parasites.
  • Heartgard Plus & Advantage Multi are equally efficient in preventing heartworm infections. They both treat and control two common intestinal parasites, including roundworms and hookworms.
  • Heartgard Plus and Advantage Multi are monthly treatments and need to be administered at the interval of once every 30 days. 

Here’s a table that showcases a comprehensive comparison of product features of both Heartgard Plus & Advantage Multi:

comparison table between Advantage Multi and Heartgard Plus

By and large, both Heartgard Plus and Advantage Multi offer similar benefits to an extent. With flea protection, Advantage Multi gets an edge over Heartgard Plus. Mode of administration can also play a vital role in the selection procedure between the two. The key thing here to consider while choosing between the two is the type of protection your pet requires and the comfort level of your four-foot companion with the treatment. The best way to proceed is by consulting with a veterinarian as the vet can provide you with the best advice and help you with the selection procedure.