Top Successful Methods to Control Flea In Cats

No matter what you do, these fleas don not get the hell out of your house. Your repugnance is genuine as the poor kitty doesn’t stop scratching her mane. It is certainly perturbing to see these blood-suckers jumping on her coat, spreading diseases and having the best time of their life. They not only pester the furry pals but humans too, by lingering around in the environment. These nasty parasites stay in the carpets, beddings, furniture or corners for months by cocooning themselves, waiting for the ideal temperatures to transform into adult fleas. Therefore, the infestation can take over any time and can go berserk if left unchecked. So, if you really want to get rid off these buggers, you must follow these chief measures that remove fleas from your cat and also ensure your house is free of these parasites.

  1. How to Treat Fleas In Cats

Topical treatments like Frontline Plus, Revolution and Advantage are easy to apply and give complete protection against fleas in felines. Fipronil in Frontline Plus, Imidacloprid in Advantage and Selamectin in Revolution – act as insecticides that kill fleas by disrupting their nervous system. These products also prevent eggs and larvae to transform into adults thus obstructing future infestation too.

Oral Drugs are also highly effective in killing the fleas. One such drug is Capstar. It is swift and eliminates adult fleas within an hour. Comfortis too work against fleas by killing them before they reproduce.

Collars, Shampoos And Sprays – Collars that contain flea-killing and repelling insecticide is helpful in controlling their infestation and occurrence. Seresto collar is an ideal example of such a product. Then, there are shampoos that exhibit flea repelling properties that can be used for bathing your pet. Furthermore, sprays make for a handy treatment which can be used without any fuss of application.

  1. Continue The Treatment For Entire Year

Fleas are not just found in summers or springs, they can infest the pet as well your house any time of the year. Reason being – they lurk in the environment for months before they die. A life stage of fleas called larvae can form a cocoon around itself turning itself into a pupa which remains unaffected with insecticides. They hatch into adults as and when they get ideal environment. Therefore, it is not compulsory that they will occur only in a particular season which is why it is mandatory to continue the protection year long without skipping any dose.

  1. Use The Products Formulated For The Weight And Age Of Your Cat

It is necessary to use the flea treatments according to the age and weight of your cat. A product designed for a 4 lbs cat cannot be given to a 12 lbs cat. Improper usage of the treatments can render them ineffective therefore check the label properly before using the product.

  1. Treat The Environment

Cleaning of the surroundings is of utmost importance if you want to eradicate the fleas from your house and eventually from your cat. Do not give them an opportunity to hatch and multiply. In order to prevent them from recurring, you must, therefore:

  • Clean your house regularly
  • Every nook and corner must be vacuumed almost every alternate day
  • Throw the vacuum bag after single use
  • Wash the beddings, upholstery, covers, fabrics in hot water
  • Spray Flea control product all over the house
  1. Do Not Leave Other Pets In the House Untreated

If one cat has fleas and the other doesn’t, it does not mean fleas won’t infest the other one. You must also provide preventatives to other unaffected pets to make them flea-proof.

Fleas can be horribly annoying and very difficult to remove. However, if these guidelines are followed well in advance, you can prevent their infestation successfully.

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