Clean Those Teeth, Its Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month

A whopping 85% of the cat and dog population in the world suffer from some sort of periodontal disease and one of the main reasons behind this is overlooking dental health. There are many pet parents in the world that tend to overlook dental health in their pets and this results in consequences such as dental problems and diseases. Thus, to educate and bring to the notice of pet parents, Pet Dental Health Month was introduced. It was done to raise awareness among the animal parents that it is very essential to take care of their pet’s dental health in order to keep dental problems such as gingivitis, plaque formation, and tartar build-up away from them.

What You Need to Do for Pet Dental Health Month

The main motive for Pet Dental Health Month was to raise awareness so that pet parents can follow good dental care for their beloved buddies. Here’s what you can do for Pet Dental Health Month!

1. Frequent Examinations

It might take some time to get used to it, but we would recommend every pet parent to frequently examine their pet’s teeth so that there’s no sign of any dental diseases like gingivitis. Make sure you thoroughly examine their mouth and if you notice anything strange, quickly get in touch with your vet and seek their help.

2. Brush Their Teeth Everyday

Just as we humans brush our teeth every day, you need to so the same for your beloved buddy too. Brushing their teeth everyday will help in keeping their teeth clean and healthy and the chances of them getting any dental diseases reduces drastically. There are loads of dental products that will help you in cleaning your pet’s teeth. Use PetDent Toothbrush and PetDent Toothpaste for good and effective results. We recommended to buy PetDent Dental Kit to save some bucks from your pocket. 

3. Watch the Pet’s Diet

Your pet’s diet also plays a key role in determining whether or not their teeth is healthy. Brushing their teeth every day is not enough and there’s more than needs to be done. And one such thing that needs to be looked at is their diet. Feeding your pet anything and everything will cause dental problems along with some other issues as well. So to prevent that from happening, make sure to feed your canine or feline friend some quality pet food. To know more about what to feed your buddy, we recommend visiting your local vet for assistance.

4. Spread Awareness

Last but not least, try and spread awareness among your friends and well-wishers about this very important Pet Health Month. The more you spread, the more pet parents you are helping you which in turn helps them to keep their pets disease-free. So, make sure you spread the word verbally or through social media.

Pet Dental Health Month is an important month in the pet calendar and we hope pet parents take it seriously. Maintaining dental health is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and your pets really depend on you to keep them safe. So, what are you waiting for, go and start brushing your pet’s teeth now!