Labor Day – Commemorating the Service Animals


Labor Day is an occasion when the workers are honored for the growth, development, and prosperity that they have brought and continue to bring with their dedication and efficiency at their job. Well, there are many of our furry friends as well that have worked with humans, for humans and are still working collaboratively to either track down our enemies, helping us find survivors in the rubble, assisting in therapies or working in the restaurant to serve us meals. You might be surprised by reading this, right?

Well, yes now dogs are also working as waiters, helping owners to serve meals to their customers. This trend has been recently started in a Shanghai restaurant and is apparently going to receive a positive response from all over the world. After all, who wouldn’t be smitten by these cute, little four-legged furry friends serving us food?

Now that these munchkins are doing so much for us humans, it’s definitely our responsibility to celebrate their contribution and commemorate working animals that have served us with complete dedication in the past and present.


In 1925, Balto, a Siberian Husky helped his team to complete the final run for serum delivery to Nome after the diphtheria epidemic overpowered the place. The antitoxin for diphtheria was first transported to Nenana from Anchorage, Alaska by train, then to Nome by dog sled. Balto was the leader of the pack.


A German Shepherd and his handler, James Symington are credited to locate the survivors of the 9/11 attack in 2001. Trackr and James checked everywhere beneath the rubble to find if even a single life is left to save.


Buddy did a stupendous job of guiding his master Morris Frank who was blind in one eye. She became the first assistance dog who helped her master to cross streets and walk into the correct trail. It was after her that the ‘The Seeing Eye’ – guide dog school was established by Morris to train dogs to help people like him.

NYPD Horses

NYPD horses or New York Police Department horses are the 10-foot police guards that patrol the streets of New York City. These equines are responsible to control crowd, traffic, crime and to combat terrorism.


Sergeant Stubby, this great warrior served the country for 18 months after he was assigned to the 26th division in World War I. He was designated as the official mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment and participated in almost 17 battles.

Pony Express Horses

Pony Express Horses was a mail delivery system that came into existence in April 1868 and used horses to deliver messages, emails, and newspapers. These horses along with their masters helped carry mails from Missouri to California in just 10 days and covered almost 1800 miles.

These animals have provided their best services to human masters and thus deserve to be honored on Labor Day. Not just them, but our pets also assist us in distressing our lives and providing a great companionship. So, we shouldn’t forget what they are giving us indirectly and help them in every way so they can stay healthy and happy.