Celebrating Veterinary Technician’s Week

Celebrating Veterinary Technician’s Week

In June 1993, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians declared every third week of October to celebrate as National Vet Tech Week honoring the veterinary technicians. It is observed to acknowledge and honor the vital role of veterinary technicians in providing our beloved animals with exceptional, empathetic care.

What is the Purpose of Veterinary Technician’s Week?

People around the world know very little about this profession. The Vet Tech Week aims to educate and spread awareness about these hidden gems in the veterinary health care industry. It is a way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the vet technicians out there who work day and night so that you and your pet can breathe easy.

Who are Vet Technicians?

Veterinary technicians are trained professionals who assist and perform various activities in day-to-day animal care activities in vet clinics and hospitals. They work as a nurse, a therapist, a laboratory technician, an anesthesiologist, a radiology assistant and in many other roles.

What do Veterinary Technicians do?

The duties of a vet technician include, but are not limited to;

  • To take medical records
  • Assist the doctor in the animal examination
  • Emergency care and counseling
  • Collect samples (blood/urine)
  • Perform pre-operative procedures
  • Assist the surgeon during the surgery
  • Take x-rays when required
  • Give vaccines and medicines to pets
  • Provide first-aid
  • Oversee post-surgery care till the animal is medically prepared to return home.

How to Become a Veterinary Technician?

To become a Veterinary Technician, one must complete an accredited program in veterinary technology and pass the licensing examination of the veterinary state board to receive the credentials. If you wish to become a specialist in your area of preference, you can continue the education in the sector of your choice such as critical care, anesthesia, animal behavior and so on.

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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate the Veterinary Technician’s Week 

1. Send Gifts

The best ways to let someone know that you care for them is by sending them surprise gifts. Here is the list of preferred presents you send to the vet technician you wish to praise on this occasion; 

  • Fresh flowers
  • A t-shirt or merchandise with a personalized message,
  • Calculator to calculate the dosage proportions
  • Watch
  • Clinical instruments such as scissors and bandages
  • A stethoscope

2. Carry Out Sweets

It is almost impossible to resist pies or butter cookies. I’m sure when you send them to the people you want to appreciate, they will absolutely love every bite of them.

3. Give Gift Cards

Find out your vet tech’s favorite restaurant or cafe and send them their gift cards or coupons that they will truly cherish.

4. Send Message Cards

A hand-written message straight away connects with emotions and can make anyone feel warm and loved. Even a simple ‘thank you’ note can convey that you recognize their efforts and contribution.

5. Social Media

Post your appreciation message tagging the vet technician to your one or all social media accounts about how he/she had helped your pet regain its health, appreciating his/her efforts. This way you can send your message to a large section of the population and spread the word about these wonderful working people.


In the end, the very aim to observe the Veterinary Technician’s Week is to spread the awareness about these selfless people and their profession who work tirelessly so that our beloved animals can live healthier and happier lives for as long as they live. Come together and make them feel recognized and appreciated, not only for a week, but for a lifetime!