Assistance Dog Day: All You Need To Know


Assistance Dog Day is a special day that recognizes and honors assistance dogs that provide countless help to people with disability, illness, old age, etc. This special day is part of the International Assistance Dog Week, which came into existence by long-time paraplegic, Marcie Davis. Assistance dogs help in improving the quality of life and providing proper support to people in need. Thus, having a special day like this for them is very much deserving.

When Is Assistance Dog Day Celebrated?

Assistance Dog Day is celebrated on the 4th of August each year. Started by Marcie Davis, this special day has been observed by many over the years. The main motto for celebrating such a day is to recognize, raise funds, and increase awareness about assistance dogs among the general public.

Types of Assistance Dogs

There are several types of assistance dogs that deserve recognition and praise for being there for us, when in need. Guide dogs and hearing alert dogs help people that have hearing difficulties and vision impairment. Lesser-known helper dogs like seizure alert and medical alert dogs help in recognizing signs such as heart attacks, strokes and epilepsy.

Assistance Dog Day Events

Since Assistance Dog Day is a very special day, it is pretty obvious that there should be some events held to celebrate this day. A wide range of events is held such as dog shows, sponsored dog walks, and dog graduation ceremonies. Moreover, there are quite a few assistance dog facilities that hold open days and tours on Assistance Dog Day to show the work that is done to help all the needy people.

How to Celebrate Assistance Dog Day?

You can be a part of this day as well by recognizing and honoring any assistance dogs you know of. Besides, you can visit nearby places that hold such events with regards to Assistance Dog Day, and you can be a part of it. Also, you can help raise awareness about Assistance Dog Day by using the hashtag #AssistanceDogDay on social media to raise awareness among the people. The more and more people that know about it, the better. It’s essential that people all over the globe come forward and appreciates the things that assistance dogs do for humans.

Assistance Dogs help us in many ways. And it is only fair that we honor and recognize them, especially on their special day (4th August). Thus, we hope pet parents and every other living soul do their bit to honor and recognize these little angels.