Heartgard Plus vs Revolution: The Better Heartworm Treatment?

Heartgard Vs Revolution

Heartworm disease has been compromising millions of pets’ lives every year and this number is persistently surging.  This mosquito-borne illness is thus not just necessary to eliminate but pet owners must have the awareness regarding the correct products that can prevent the disease successfully. However, people often find themselves in a dilemma as to which product would be better for their pets because of the availability of combination treatments.

Well, if you too find yourself in such a bewildered state, we rather suggest you go with either of these two products – Heartgard Plus or Revolution. Now, you would be wondering which one is better because obviously, we all want to provide the perfect treatment to our furry kids. So, here is a brief comparison between the two that will enlighten you about the similarities, differences and the additional protections that these heartworm preventatives provide. 

Comparison Chart: Heartgard Plus vs Revolution

Heartgard Plus and Revolution are indubitably the two most powerful preventatives for heartworm disease. However, as you can see in the comparison chart, Revolution has an upper edge over Heartgard plus as it provides additional protection against fleas, a type of tick as well as ear mites besides eliminating roundworms, hookworms, and also juvenile heartworms as well.

Other than that, there is a significant difference between the administrations of the two products. Where Heartgard Plus is instituted directly into the pet’s mouth, Revolution is applied to the skin and thus, the mechanisms of action of their active ingredients also differ accordingly. Hence, it completely depends on the pet owner to select their most preferable choice.

Some pets don’t like to be applied anything on their skin and are too restless to make them stand for application. For them, chews are a better option. Contrarily, if the pet has the habit of vomiting out the tablets, we would suggest you to rather go for a topical solution. Though, this may not happen as Heartgard Plus is a chew and not just a regular tablet and most of the dogs love to have it as a treat.

You must also know that Heartgard Plus is a treatment only for dogs. So, in case you have a cat you should opt for Revolution instead.

Revolution, on the other hand, is available for both cats and dogs and can be chosen as per the pet you have.

Another piece of advice –

If your dog doesn’t have fleas then you can definitely go with Heartgard Plus.


Combination treatments are a savior because our dogs and cats certainly need protection from multiple infestations. But, it is also understandable what pet parents go through when it comes to selecting the flea and tick treatments or heartworm treatments that will best suit their pet.

We only advise you to be very meticulous in reading the label for the kind of parasites a treatment is applicable for and follow the directions of use exactly as stated to keep your pet safe, healthy and disease-free life long. Still, if you have any questions regarding the products, it is suggested to take the vet’s advice before purchasing the product.