Puppy Mill Action Week – 5 Actions That Can Save Puppies

May is all here and there is something crucial related to this month. And, if you are not aware of that, let us help you. The first week of May stands for an awfully serious issue that plagues the pet industry year after year, sacrificing the health of dogs number by number.

There are horrific incidences milling around about dogs those live in puppy mills. From dogs not receiving regular essentials, the proper medical care to being stacked up in cages having unhygienic conditions, these dogs spend their lives in such dreadful conditions. And, if the numbers go beyond hold, shockingly they are euthanized. These scenarios break our heart for them. BUT, as an orinary person what can you do for them?

Some Facts About Puppy Mills

Some facts about Puppy Mills

  • 48 cities in U.S and Canada have banned the sale of puppies in pet stores
  • 35 states now regulate puppy mills
  • More than 10000 dogs have been rescued from the puppy mills.
  • 2230 pet stores signed an HSUS pledge not to sell puppies, or to offer only rescued puppies from shelters. *

Well, addressing this condition, the Humane Society of the United States has come up by sponsoring Puppy Mill Awareness Week, where it spreads through word of mouth about the graveness of this situation educating the public – about the dangers as well as providing a light on prevention measures. Nevertheless, you can also be a part of this mission in saving the dogs from such appalling lives. Here are the five ways you can be part of this mission and help:

1. Sign the Pledge

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) works to control puppy mills. It asks animal lovers to pledge not to purchase the pet from pet stores or Internet sites. Take the pledge that you will never shop in a store that sell puppies, even if it is just about buying essential supplies, food or toys. This will lower the selling of puppies, eventually lowering the breeding of puppies in mills.

2. Alert Your Community

Many may not be aware of these facts and the cruelty of puppy mills. Talk to your local editor to publish an article that directs towards spreading awareness about puppy mills in your local community. You can even create banners, hoardings to hang around in your locality spreading more through these mediums.

3. Support Shelter Homes or Rescue Centers

Animal shelters and rescue organizations are always looking for help. You can volunteer to provide your service at these centers. You can be part of their fundraising events, supply drives or other helpful events.

Encourage people to adopt from shelter homes instead of buying from pet shops, many of which source their dogs from puppy mills.

Supporting shelter homes and rescue centers can eventually cut down the income of puppy mills and may lead to closing down of their business. Therefore, with growing awareness and everyone’s support, puppy mill will not exist.

4. Donate Dog Savers Kit

Rescue organizations and animal shelters are always in need of pet essentials including monthly preventive treatments, food items, toys, treats or collars and leashes. Considering their requirements, you can prepare your own puppy saver pack to donate to these homes. Your puppy saver kit can include preventive treatments, food items, collar, a toy and some treats. You can even buy these items from trusted popular online pet stores that offer affordable items.

5. Adopt from a Mill Survivor

You can provide a great life and care to a dog by adopting one of them. Puppy mill survivors need loving adopters who can help them to live a healthy life. Check with your neighborhood shelter homes or rescue centers, you can find many purebred dogs at such centers. Thus, adopt from a responsible breeder or rescue organizations. With mindless breeding taking place, many times, pure breed dogs end up homeless, living in the streets every day.

Never lose a chance to spread about this Puppy Mill Action week, also spread awareness about the cruelty of these puppy mills through social media. Talk to your friends, family and relatives about puppy mills and try to involve as many as you can to take the pledge. Protect dogs in your area from abusive scenarios such as puppy mills.

These are just a few simple steps can add a great value to a dog’s life. When one life is rescued – One life is saved.

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