National Cat Day- Most Cat Friendly Cities in the US

The National Cat Day is an event organized every single year on August 29th with the objective of safeguarding the interests of your furry-munchkins and ensuring their well-being at any cost. One of the most important factors towards ensuring the latter is the environment in which he/she grows up. If the environment is not cat-friendly in nature, then your four-legged companion will be quite unhappy.

Every individual has certain personal preferences with regard to the city they wish to reside in. While some prefer to settle in well-developed and flourishing cities due to job opportunities, others prefer to settle in small towns where one can enjoy a leisurely lifestyle at peace. There are also other factors which come into play before a person finally zeroes down and takes a final decision like the overall culture and safety standards.

However, all these preferences take a back seat in case of cat lovers because for them nothing matters more than the ultimate happiness of his/her furry munchkin. There have been several instances where employees have handed in resignation letters in protest following the step-motherly attitude of the organization towards the presence of their cats in the campus. With the National cat day all set to arrive, it is imperative that we take a close look at the most cat-friendly cities in the US:

  • Orlando: Residing in Orlando is always a good idea for a cat owner looking to ensure the best facilities for his/her beloved cat. There has been a massive surge in the number of cat owners who have recently opted to migrate to the city. The factors which make Orlando irresistible for cat owners are the low cost involved in raising a cat, breath-taking weather which is quite attractive for our furry companions who love staying outside in the open as well as the lovely city.
  • Los Angeles:

The beautiful city of Los Angeles is often branded as the city of angels because of the awe-inspiring structure and build of the city along with world-class facilities which make it a pleasure to reside in for humans. Los Angeles is also well-suited towards meeting each and every requirement of your four-legged companion with cat-friendly laws and a pro-canine culture encouraging more and more cat lovers to reside in the city. Not only this, cats also enjoy a liberty to run and play in a number of areas located across the city making it nothing short of paradise.

  • San Francisco:

 The glorious city of San Francisco is certainly one of the few cities where cat lovers are guaranteed comfort of the highest regard. San Francisco’s diversity and budget-friendly facilities make cat care and ownership nothing short of a joy. One would certainly be wise to raise his/her cat in this city than anywhere else in the rest of the nation.

Eugene: The city of Eugene offers an attractive set of pet services along with hotels which are more than happy to cater to your furry munchkin’s needs and requirements. This is of great comfort for those cat owners uncomfortable with the concept of leaving their cats at home with bowls of water and food when out on vacation or business trips. Not only this, the city also provides cat lovers an opportunity to get a professional portrait of their four-legged companion designed at a local avenue.

We would encourage everyone in any local events organized on the National cat day which can help promote the cause of cats out there. A single step taken by you can have a huge impact in the long run.