Heartgard Plus or Nuheart – Which Product To Opt For?


Heartworm disease (dirofilarosis) caused by Dirofilaria immitis is a very serious disease that can affect almost every breed of dog. And worse news is, this particular disease is extremely difficult to treat and thus, vets have always recommended that pet parents keep their buddy on a heartworm preventative schedule. But then, which heartwormer to opt for? While there’s lots of confusion surrounding this, there are two heartworm products that are used by many dog parents – Heartgard Plus and Nuheart. Both are good but one is a branded heartwormer while the other is a generic one.

To find out more about both the products, keep reading on.

Heartgard Plus

Heartgard Plus is a branded and top quality heartwormer for dogs. This amazing preventative helps in getting rid of worms including immature forms of worms that could potentially transmit heartworm disease through mosquito bites. It prevents heartworm disease for one full month and also quite helpful in treating numerous intestinal worm infections such as roundworms and hookworms.

Original Heartgard for Dogs

Heartgard for Dogs

Available for Small to Large Dogs


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Nuheart is the generic version and is known by many as the generic one to the more renowned Heartgard Plus. But despite being generic, Nuheart has the same efficacy as any other branded heartwormer. It helps in eradicating heartworm larvae and prevents heartworm disease for one full month.

Nuheart Generic Heartgard

Available for Small to Large Dogs

$31.72 – $81.76

Heartgard Plus vs. Nuheart

The above was just a brief description about both the heartwormers in question. Now, we will be looking at some differences between the two. Here, take a look at the graphic below.

Heartgard & Nuheart Comparison

From the above graphic, we can clearly see that Heargard Plus being the branded product covers a lot more than Nuheart but then when it comes to the cost of treatment, Nuheart is relatively cheaper.

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So, Which Heartworm Preventative to Pick?

The answer is fairly simple because both are excellent heartwormers and since both do contain the active ingredient Ivermectin, the choice is yours. All will depend on your preference and budget.

  • So if your buddy needs heartworm prevention as well as roundworm and hookworm removal, then Heartgard Plus is the better option.
  • But if you have a tight budget and only need to prevent heartworm infection, then go for Nuheart.

And if you are still skeptical about the treatments, do get in touch with your local vet and seek his expert opinion.

Stay alert, stay safe, and continue to protect your four-legged friends from parasites and diseases. Moreover, if you looking for discounts on the above-mentioned products, we recommend checking out CanadaVetCare for quality supplies at the most effective rates.