6 signs of stress in dogs and relief ideas

Stress is a highly common term used to describe feelings of pressure and strain. Most humans tend to surrender to stress due to various reasons like extreme pressure at work or perhaps the pressure of meeting someone for the very first time. All these things cause stress. To lessen stress, people opt for various ways such as to blow off stream by physical exercises or by talking it out with someone they trust.

Just like humans, even dogs can get stressed too. Unlike us, dogs cannot voice their feelings or throw their tantrums. So how does one understand whether or not their furry munchkin is stressed or not? To comprehend that, let us take a look at the signs of stress in dogs. And later, we’ll see how one can overcome them.

The Common Signs of Stress in Dogs

The below-mentioned signs are common ways in which dogs can get stressed. Be watchful!

  1. Aggressive Behavior – Most dogs tend to react to anxiety or stress by behaving very aggressively. This aggression can be towards the pet parent, the vet or as a matter of fact, any individual who is seeking to interact with the canine.
  2. Destructive Behavior – To alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress, dogs can get destructive, especially puppies. They tend to chew on household objects like furniture, clothing, crates, etc.
  3. Drooling, Panting or Sweating – When dogs are placed in an unfamiliar environment, they tend to get stressed, and you’ll notice a rise in their body temperatures. This, in turn, will lead to drooling, panting or even sweating in and around their nose or paw pad areas.
  4. Fur Shedding – This is a confirmed fact that dogs tend to shed their fur faster when they are in a stressful situation. Especially during vet examinations, they tend to do the same.
  5. Tail Tucking – A tucking of a dog’s tail can tell you a lot of things. When you notice your pal tucking his tail in between its legs, it could a sign of aggression, anxiety, fear or even stress.
  6. Urinating Here and There – This is a common thing that most pet parents face. Perhaps, you might even get frustrated seeing your buddy pee all over the house. But you should know that your canine does not do such things just like that. The inappropriate urination is a sign that your pal is suffering from urinary tract infection, kidney issues or diabetes. It could also be because of the high levels of stress.

The Common Ways to Reduce Stress in Dogs

Here are a few common ways by which one can reduce or relieve stress in your furry pal. Read through all of them!

  1. Canine Massage – Who doesn’t love a massage? Dogs too love it when they receive a message from their pet parents. A few slow strokes will help in soothing his nerves and cast a calming effect over your pal. Massages help relieve stress and can be opted for.
  2. Create Distractions – Dogs get stressed at certain situations like during a thunder strike, when it hears firecrackers, etc. At such stressful moments, all you have to do is divert its mind from it. Creating a distraction can help in relieving stress!
  3. Stress Supplements – To relieve anxiety and stress, anxiety collars and sprays such as DAP Collar for dogs and DAP Spray for dogs are available. They both are extremely effective products and are trusted by many dog parents.
  4. Daily Exercise – One of the best ways to relieve stress in dogs is to make him exercise. Daily exercising helps in the overall boosting of your pal’s health including the mind and body.
  5. Soothing Music – We humans love our music. A different genre of music helps us in different situations. Similarly, dogs love music too. And when your furry buddy is stressed, music can be a great way to reduce it.
  6. Homeopathic Products – When everything fails, perhaps then you should consider this option for relieving stress. Homeopathic products such as Travel Anxiety and Anxiety TFLN are potent stress relief products.

Stress is never good especially if it is overlooked (not on purpose). It can lead to severe issues like weakening of the immune system. Stress can also lead to major health issues, some of which are extremely fatal and very difficult to overcome. Thus, make sure you take appropriate and quick action when your canine is depressed, stressed or anxious.

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