5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Warm & Healthy This Winter

How to take care of your cats in winter

Your cat deserves nothing less than the best. So, in case you’re wondering, “How do I keep my cat warm and cozy in the winter months?” here are some easy tips on cat winter care for you to help!

1. Winterize Your Home

Keeping your cat indoors isn’t enough to her warm. Make your home comfortable for your cat by installing insulation and storm windows. This will block any cold breeze that may further cool your house. Also, don’t forget to get your heating systems serviced to avoid any functional interruptions. You can also set up warm corners for the cat in your house by using soft cat beds and plush blankets.

2. Provide Shelter Outdoors

As the US winters are frighteningly freezing sometimes, it is advisable to keep the cat indoors when the temperature drops. But if your cat likes to spend most of her time outdoors, then you can create a safe space for her near the house, in the basement, or in your garage. Winter-proof these areas and cover them with carpets as the floor goes chilly in the winter.

3. Add Extra Layers to the Fluff

Cats, especially hairless ones, will require additional clothing in the winter to stay warm and healthy, especially when going outside. However, clothing might not be essential when the cat is indoors, but the biting cold outside may arise a need for one. So, if you’re taking your cat outdoors, always keep a cat sweater, coat, or t-shirt with you, just in case the weather turns a bit nippy.

4. Winter Care for Skin and Coat

Winter is the time to take extra care of your cat’s skin and coat. Dry winter air can affect a cat’s skin and fur and cause allergies. It may also result in dry and flaky skin as well as a dull coat. To keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy, include skin supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids and Essential-6 to their skin care routine. These supplements improve the skin texture and coat sheen.

5. Diet and Nutrition

Cats generally eat more in the winter as they need extra calories to maintain their body temperature. But you need to ensure that your cat eats right. Moreover, if your cat is typically fussy, this is a great opportunity to incorporate more healthy stuff in her diet. Also, it is essential to balance the ratio of wet and dry food for cats. However, wet cat food is more beneficial for cats in the winter, even though dry food is unquestionably nutritive and unlikely to freeze.